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The goldsmith and designer Luise Neugebauer knows the art of enlivening the classical jewellery repertoire with lightness and refined surprises.

Unusual materials such as porcelain foil and graphic elements become a natural part of her jewellery, made of recycled gold and silver.

Anhand ihrer Schmuckkollektionen, die ohne großen Pomp die Philosophie des “less is more” spielerisch verfolgen, fertigt sie individuelle Schmuckstücke nach Maß und zu jeder Gelegenheit.

Luise Neugebauer Schmuck
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 79
04275 Leipzig

Phone: +49 163 477 27 44

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© Movie: Schnuppe von Gwinner & Alina Cyranek
© Portrait: Schnuppe von Gwinner
© Products: The object images are from Rainer Schäle, Studio Pixelgold, Wuppertal
© Workshop: Photographer Iona Dutz

The traditional craft fascinates custom shoemaker Sascha Helm more than his learned profession of orthopaedic shoemaker.

So he trained as a journeyman in Austria and learned the classical profession from Rudolf Scheer&Söhne in Vienna.

His customers can now benefit from the accumulated experience of both orientations. Sascha Halm provides them with individually handcrafted bespoke shoes made of high-quality materials, with excellent craftsmanship and in a form that is completely tailored to their wishes.

Each custom-made shoe is a unique piece and an investment in health.

Sascha Halm Maßschuhe
Merseburgerstraße 41
04177 Leipzig

Phone: +49 1575 57 47 291

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© Fotos: Lydia Hesse
© Schuhe: Jo Zarth

Designer Enzo Forciniti runs a manufacture for individual wooden spectacle frames.

As an autodidact, he started to work with the construction of wooden spectacles a few years ago. Meanwhile he is an absolute expert who knows how to defend the ergonomic, material and aesthetic advantages of wooden spectacles very well.

With his expertise he can convey impressive detailed knowledge and lets us also look at "normal" glasses from completely new perspectives – and flirt with wooden glasses.

Enzo Forciniti Brillen
Karl-Heine-Straße 85
04229 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 39 29 86 19

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© Movie: Schnuppe von Gwinner & Alina Cyranek
© Products: Christoph Busse

For the architect Angela Wandelt, wearing hats is an expression of personality and individuality. She herself has been wearing and collecting hats since her youth and taught herself the craft of hat making.

She finally founded "Gela-Hats" and created a place for very individual fashion in Leipzig. Soon her creations were also enthusiastically received at the trade fairs in New York, Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna.

"Fashion is ephemeral. Style never" This insight of Coco Chanel has been adopted by the hat designer.

Gela-Hüte Leipzig
Spinnereistraße 7
Baumwollspinnerei Haus 21
04179 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 912 80 50

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© Portrait: Schnuppe von Gwinner
© Produkte: Gerd Heise

Atelier FRANZISKA KLEE sees itself as a young fair fashion label for fresh product design, handmade with care and love.

Here, bags and accessories inspired by everyday life are created from natural leather – in clear, minimalist cuts and designed with an eye for details. Classic craftsmanship is combined with new ideas and high-quality, sustainable materials.

"All the decisions we make serve only one goal – to create a true favourite that you want to take with you wherever you go."

Franziska Klee Taschen
Georg-Schumann-Straße 134
04155 Leipzig

Phone: +49 152 23 02 47 45

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© Photos: Franziska Klee

The goldsmith and jewellery designer Dörte Dietric places the inexhaustible wealth of forms and colours of the world of plants at the centre of her work.

The continuous process of becoming and passing away in its various stages of development is her source of inspiration and determines her formal approach.

Capsules and calyxes as well as embossed, chiselled and enamelled forms driven from the surface grow in pieces of jewellery into new abstract sculptural formations with a floral character, sometimes in pure silver, sometimes in the intense, coloured melt of enamel.

Dörte Dietrich Schmuck
Karl-Heine-Straße 9
04229 Leipzig

Phone: +49 176 240 18 575

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© Portrait: Schnuppe von Gwinner
© Workshop and objects: Dörte Dietrich

„Rothöll“, the name of her manufacture of bags and accessories made of fish-leather was composed by the founder Annekatrin Döll from "roð", the Icelandic word for "fish-leather" and her family name "Döll".

Today, fish seems to be a very unusual source for leather production. But already the indigenous peoples of Alaska and Siberia developed methods to make extremely durable and supple leather from fish skin.

„Rothöll“ follows this ecologically and fashionably attractive principle of transforming industrial remains of the fishing industry into luxurious, durable and beautiful leather goods.

Rothöll – Fine Leather From The Sea
Franz-Flemming-Straße 15
04179 Leipzig

Phone: +49 160 99 83 57 83

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© Portrait: Schnuppe von Gwinner
© Products: Felix Adler
© Workshop: Felix Adler