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Claudia Biehne

“Between the tides" is what ceramic artist Claudia Biehne calls her sculptures on which abstract, artificial clusters and structures are formed.

The seduction of these visual magic works is enhanced by the tactile horror of transparent sharp edges. "Lumos", "Growth", "Vulcanoids" or "Time and Visibility" are the names of other groups of works which are based on her deep fascination with natural growth and becoming, which she expresses in her sensually generous use of her materials.

Thanks to the successful division of labour with her partner Stefan Passig, her multifaceted handicrafts reaches an international audience.

Claudia Biehne & Stefan Passig
Spinnereistraße 7
Baumwollspinnerei Halle 10
04179 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 260 85 30

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© Portrait, Objekte und Werkstatt: Stefan Passig


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