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Anne Kaden is a silversmith, industrial designer and owner of Atelier ANNE KADEN - Schmuck und Gerät (Jewellery and Utensils) in Leipzig.

She combines her expertise in craftsmanship with the research for new and creative forms of expression. On Iceland she discovered how metal and earth can be merged with the heat of fire to create a new and unique piece of jewellery.
wie sich Metall und Erde mit der Hitze des Feuers zu einem neuen, einzigartigen Schmuckstück vereinen lassen.

The fascination and special magic of such creative moments accompany her from then on. She named her unique pieces made of 925 silver „MEMENTO"; they are souvenirs of a place, a person or memories of special moments.

ANNE KADEN – Schmuck und Gerät
Georg-Schumann-Straße 136
04155 Leipzig

Phone: 0176 414 884 82

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© Portrait: Christina Vetesnik
© Produkte: Christina Vetesnik, Helena Distler, Lea Korzeczek