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Manuel Bär

Manuel Bär combines the best of the two worlds of shoe design and orthopaedics at the workbench.

Trained as a state-certified shoe engineer, he is able to develop models and patterns, give shape to ideas and produce aesthetically pleasing collections.

Thanks to his additional expertise as a trained orthopaedic shoemaker, Manuel Baer is also able to produce custom-made shoes with first-class and healthy wearing comfort.

As a special service he offers custom-made shoes for cyclists, with cleats for clip-in pedals, and also the finishing of handlebars, saddle and every cycling accessory with leather.

BAER – Maßschuhe handgefertigt
Inh. Manuel Bär
Wigandstraße 12
04229 Leipzig

Phone: +49 1578 42 85 979

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