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Karin Sehnert

The humorous and decorative products of designer Karin Sehnert are unmistakable. In her small porcelain manufactory she makes the steps from the design to the finished object visible, even for those who want to try it themselves.

Of course this needs a good idea, but it also requires meticulous planning, technical know-how and a lot of experience.

Since 2012 Karin Sehnert has been challenging the "Haiglück" with her own workshop and design office. This is all about product development in the materials porcelain, glass and metal - from the idea to the production stage – also for external clients.

Haiglück by Karin Sehnert
Alte Straße 5
04229 Leipzig

Phone: +49 178 63 42 968

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© Portrait: Schnuppe von Gwinner
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