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The Leipzig master tailor Jan Suchy, in the early 90s top of his class in his journeyman's examination, learned from his own experience, from old master garment makers and from old suits he cut up.

He analysed the freehand English cuts, the loose Italian ones and the meticulous German ones. A natural talent with a penchant for detail, he makes suits, classic in form, casual in appearance, comfortable to wear.

Every seam, every cut, every drape is right. He is concerned with balance, the points of the body, shoulders, sleeves and waist. Jan Suchy proudly calls himself a "craftsman" and delivers tailor-made pieces of master craftsmanship, pieces for eternity.

Feine Maßschneiderei Suchy
Keplerstraße 32
04159 Leipzig

Phone: +49 173 96 46 925

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© Portrait: Schnuppe von Gwinner
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