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Florian Milker

Jewellery artist Florian Milker formulates the motivation of his jewellery objects himself:

“In my work I try to elicit a symbolic character from the objects that surround me. There is a meaning in their source that refers to our needs.

The objects of my inspirations are already jewelry before I transfer them to the body. The transformation, however, creates a new context that can be amusing but also questionable. Making jewelry is my search for the fragments of our lost naivety in the sandbox of life.”

Florian Milker is interested in the playful combination and imitation possibilities of different materials offered by new generative manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing, milling and vacuum casting.

Florian Milker Autorenschmuck
Heinrich-Heine-Straße 35
04178 Leipzig

Phone: +49 176 20 97 65 98

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