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Elke Sada

Elke Sadas' career as an artist was preceded by twelve years as a research technician in Germany, Italy and the USA.

Apparently she owes the discipline of science a methodical approach to examining the variety of ceramic processes in order to justify her creative freedom, her fascination for the abstract.

Each work is full of painterly brushstrokes that create powerful, dynamic colour fields. Drops fall from the brush. Scratches run along rough surfaces. Lines formed by form and colour lead the eye up and down and around.

Elke Sada takes full advantage of the versatility of tone and colour to create statements in her objects that make them unique.

Studio Elke Sada
Uhlandstraße 24
04177 Leipzig


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© Portrait: Elke Sada
© Anigena (Hallstattpiece): Jakob Adolphi
© Cici, Melanitta,Torquis (Hallstattpieces): Jakob Adolphi
© In the studio: Elke Sada


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