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The small object and furniture collections of STUDIO OINK, which are mostly produced in limited editions, move on the threshold between art and design.

STUDIO OINK, founded in 2013 by interior designer Lea Korzeczek and product designer Matthias Hiller, inspires its international clients with tailor-made high-quality interior concepts for private and public spaces.

Her credo is fulfilled in finding a successful balance between poetry and function, between simplicity and playfulness.

Georg-Schumann-Straße 132
04155 Leipzig

Phone: +49 179 53 23 102

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© Photos: Matthias Hiller / STUDIO OINK

Elke Sadas' career as an artist was preceded by twelve years as a research technician in Germany, Italy and the USA.

Apparently she owes the discipline of science a methodical approach to examining the variety of ceramic processes in order to justify her creative freedom, her fascination for the abstract.

Each work is full of painterly brushstrokes that create powerful, dynamic colour fields. Drops fall from the brush. Scratches run along rough surfaces. Lines formed by form and colour lead the eye up and down and around.

Elke Sada takes full advantage of the versatility of tone and colour to create statements in her objects that make them unique.

Studio Elke Sada
Uhlandstraße 24
04177 Leipzig


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© Portrait: Elke Sada
© Anigena (Hallstattpiece): Jakob Adolphi
© Cici, Melanitta,Torquis (Hallstattpieces): Jakob Adolphi
© In the studio: Elke Sada

In 2000, the furniture designer took over a workshop area of the cotton spinning mill Leipzig in order to realise his furniture designs in wood.

Since 2011, he has also been exhibiting the works of artisans friends of him in this charming ambience under the label Black and White Design. Torsten Franke is a trained piano maker who began his apprenticeship in 1980 at the Blüthner company and is still working there today, now only part-time.

He is interested in the interplay of construction, design and function, which characterises his own collection of furniture and lamps, which is remarkable in terms of craftsmanship and design.

Schwarz-Weiss Werkstattgalerie
Spinnereistraße 7
Baumwollspinnerei Haus 20, Eingang D
04179 Leipzig


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© Portrait: Schnuppe von Gwinner
© Photo lamp: Rainer Justen
© Photo tray table: Nina Emilia Köllner
© Photo extending table: Gunter Binsack

The goldsmith and jewellery designer Dörte Dietric places the inexhaustible wealth of forms and colours of the world of plants at the centre of her work.

The continuous process of becoming and passing away in its various stages of development is her source of inspiration and determines her formal approach.

Capsules and calyxes as well as embossed, chiselled and enamelled forms driven from the surface grow in pieces of jewellery into new abstract sculptural formations with a floral character, sometimes in pure silver, sometimes in the intense, coloured melt of enamel.

Dörte Dietrich Schmuck
Karl-Heine-Straße 9
04229 Leipzig

Phone: +49 176 240 18 575

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© Portrait: Schnuppe von Gwinner
© Workshop and objects: Dörte Dietrich

“Between the tides" is what ceramic artist Claudia Biehne calls her sculptures on which abstract, artificial clusters and structures are formed.

The seduction of these visual magic works is enhanced by the tactile horror of transparent sharp edges. "Lumos", "Growth", "Vulcanoids" or "Time and Visibility" are the names of other groups of works which are based on her deep fascination with natural growth and becoming, which she expresses in her sensually generous use of her materials.

Thanks to the successful division of labour with her partner Stefan Passig, her multifaceted handicrafts reaches an international audience.

Claudia Biehne & Stefan Passig
Spinnereistraße 7
Baumwollspinnerei Halle 10
04179 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 260 85 30

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© Portrait, Objekte und Werkstatt: Stefan Passig

The design creates a free, undogmatic approach, the craft is the basis.

Andreas Mikutta, as a trained carpenter and studied wood and product designer, combines both areas in his furniture: "Natural materials – the smell, the haptic quality, the power that lies within them are the driving force in the creation of my works."

As a simple interpretation of a theme, his products fit into existing environments and are so universal that they are not tied to a specific place, but always relate to people.

Studio Andreas Mikutta
Heinrich-Heine-Straße 35
04178 Leipzig

Phone: +49 176 631 025 60

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© Photos: Andreas Mikutta
© Portrait: Almuth Mikutta