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In the serial combination of patterned cups, plates and space-consuming vessels, the ceramics of Corinna Petra Friedrich arouse creative collecting pleasure.

She appreciates clay as a simple and honest material, rolls it out into plates and designs the surfaces using transfer printing, screen printing, engobes, monotypes and other interventions.

Intuitively cut out pieces she puts together and is inspired by the meeting of patterns and colours. In this creative process of skill and virtuosity of her hands she directs.

The way to Corinna Petra Friedrich
Karl-Heine-Straße 93d
04229 Leipzig


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© Portrait: Inga Kerber
© Attika: Jessica Zaydan
© Items aus der Serie PUG: Markus Etienne
© Backyard: Jens Gerber
© Becher: Jessica Zaydan
© Teller: Jens Gerber

Ceramist Rosi Steinbach unfolds all facets of her ability to simultaneously capture her wonderful talent of realistic expression and imaginative abstraction.

Under the brand "Steinbach Keramik" she assembles her collection of lovingly designed faiences, tableware and unique vessels. She also offers the individual production of room and facade decoration and, as a further inspiration, realistically modelled animal heads and figures with irresistible charm.

Diving away from all pigeonhole thinking, the true artist Rosi Steinbach inspires with her ceramic busts and free objects commenting on the states of the world. In captivatingly precise physiognomies she mediates between classic and pop, daring a fascinating and irritating balancing act between tradition and modernity, pragmatically documenting and yet creatively fabricating.

Rosi Steinbach
Menckestraße 44
04155 Leipzig

Telefon: 0341 59 02 319

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© Portrait: Schnuppe von Gwinner
© Werkstatt Porträt “Sitzung Hans Werner Schmidt” und Portraitbüsten: Josef Filipp
© Object photos, snake: Georg Brückmann

The texture of paper fascinates the multi-award winning paper artist Kristina Rothe. She reflects on the origin of paper production.

From pure white pulp she creates delicately structured paper surfaces and shapes them into archaic vessels which, emphasised by sensual structures and accents, capture the light.

She finds her great theme in the creation of individual paper urns, which combine ephemeral lightness and transience. Deliberately kept in white, these funeral vessels are intended to symbolise a new beginning. An alternative to conventional funeral culture, characterised by black and heaviness. An attempt to make the farewell dignified and aesthetic.

Kristina Rothe
Am Bauernsteg 19
04159 Leipzig

Phone: +49 0176 6490 1758

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© Portrait: Kristina Rothe
© Products Linea and Panama: Kristina Rothe

Impeccable purity, tactile surfaces, delicate pastel colours and refined decorations characterise the masterfully turned porcelain vessels by Susan Heise.

At the potter's wheel she turns her vessels with great pleasure and energy, which she passes on to her objects in the process of creation. The elegance and precious charisma of her pieces is captivating.

The handmade individualises every detail and emphasises the thickness of the material, the curves of the form, the density of the surface structure, the glaze, the height and the width.

Porzellanwerkstatt Susan Heise
Altranstädter Straße 6
04229 Leipzig

Phone: +49 176 63 33 65 30

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© Portrait: Susann Friedrich
© Products: Susan Heise

The humorous and decorative products of designer Karin Sehnert are unmistakable. In her small porcelain manufactory she makes the steps from the design to the finished object visible, even for those who want to try it themselves.

Of course this needs a good idea, but it also requires meticulous planning, technical know-how and a lot of experience.

Since 2012 Karin Sehnert has been challenging the "Haiglück" with her own workshop and design office. This is all about product development in the materials porcelain, glass and metal - from the idea to the production stage – also for external clients.

Haiglück by Karin Sehnert
Alte Straße 5
04229 Leipzig

Phone: +49 178 63 42 968

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© Portrait: Schnuppe von Gwinner
© Shop space: Josephine Weinhold
© Products: Karin Sehnert

Since 2016, ceramist Helene Scharge has been specialising in the development of a utility tableware made of handmade, through-dyed porcelain in her own porcelain workshop.

The multi-functionality of the individual pieces creates a pleasant reduction to a few, balanced clear forms. These serve all essential requirements, are harmoniously coordinated with each other and effectively accentuate food and drinks.

The production of this very special collection is truly a technical challenge for the exceptionally experienced porcelain designer.

Helene Scharge Porzellan
Windmühlenstraße 31b
04107 Leipzig

Phone: +49 174 422 82 72

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© Movie: Schnuppe von Gwinner & Alina Cyranek
© Portrait and products: Schnuppe von Gwinner

OODD Studios is an interdisciplinary design cooperative that explores the potentials of contemporary crafts in relation to the advancing digitalisation and its associated needs in concept-based projects.

The basis is the specially developed material contemporary lace, which through its unified filled and empty spaces | materiality and immateriality is a textile parade example for the actual state of the digitalised and yet analogue society.

The visually haptic textiles are individual, tangible on different levels.

Magdalena Sophie Orland + Susanne Ostwald
OODD Studios
Georg-Schumann-Straße 155
04155 Leipzig

Phone: 0151 288 609 08

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© Portrait: Anne Hutschenreuter
© Produkte: OODD Studios

The goldsmith and designer Luise Neugebauer knows the art of enlivening the classical jewellery repertoire with lightness and refined surprises.

Unusual materials such as porcelain foil and graphic elements become a natural part of her jewellery, made of recycled gold and silver.

Anhand ihrer Schmuckkollektionen, die ohne großen Pomp die Philosophie des “less is more” spielerisch verfolgen, fertigt sie individuelle Schmuckstücke nach Maß und zu jeder Gelegenheit.

Luise Neugebauer Schmuck
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 79
04275 Leipzig

Phone: +49 163 477 27 44

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© Movie: Schnuppe von Gwinner & Alina Cyranek
© Portrait: Schnuppe von Gwinner
© Products: The object images are from Rainer Schäle, Studio Pixelgold, Wuppertal
© Workshop: Photographer Iona Dutz

Anne Kaden is a silversmith, industrial designer and owner of Atelier ANNE KADEN - Schmuck und Gerät (Jewellery and Utensils) in Leipzig.

She combines her expertise in craftsmanship with the research for new and creative forms of expression. On Iceland she discovered how metal and earth can be merged with the heat of fire to create a new and unique piece of jewellery.
wie sich Metall und Erde mit der Hitze des Feuers zu einem neuen, einzigartigen Schmuckstück vereinen lassen.

The fascination and special magic of such creative moments accompany her from then on. She named her unique pieces made of 925 silver „MEMENTO"; they are souvenirs of a place, a person or memories of special moments.

ANNE KADEN – Schmuck und Gerät
Georg-Schumann-Straße 136
04155 Leipzig

Phone: 0176 414 884 82

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© Portrait: Christina Vetesnik
© Produkte: Christina Vetesnik, Helena Distler, Lea Korzeczek

The product designer Daniel Böttcher works with wood and textile materials in many different ways. Under his label formverleih®, founded in 2012 together with the textile designer Marlene Schroeder, he develops furniture and living room accessories.

In addition to the products for his label, he also designs furniture and spatial concepts for the public sector and for furniture manufacturers. Furthermore, he works together with external designers and artists on various projects.

His objects combine traditional manufacturing methods and innovative design language, attention to detail and simple charm.

formverleih – Studio for Product Design
Bornaische Straße 5
04277 Leipzig

Phone: 0341 256 483 72

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© Fotos: Daniel Böttcher