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In the serial combination of patterned cups, plates and space-consuming vessels, the ceramics of Corinna Petra Friedrich arouse creative collecting pleasure.

She appreciates clay as a simple and honest material, rolls it out into plates and designs the surfaces using transfer printing, screen printing, engobes, monotypes and other interventions.

Intuitively cut out pieces she puts together and is inspired by the meeting of patterns and colours. In this creative process of skill and virtuosity of her hands she directs.

The way to Corinna Petra Friedrich
Anton-Zickmantel-Straße 41
04249 Leipzig


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© Portrait: Inga Kerber
© Attika: Jessica Zaydan
© Items aus der Serie PUG: Markus Etienne
© Backyard: Jens Gerber
© Becher: Jessica Zaydan
© Teller: Jens Gerber

Ceramist Rosi Steinbach unfolds all facets of her ability to simultaneously capture her wonderful talent of realistic expression and imaginative abstraction.

Under the brand "Steinbach Keramik" she assembles her collection of lovingly designed faiences, tableware and unique vessels. She also offers the individual production of room and facade decoration and, as a further inspiration, realistically modelled animal heads and figures with irresistible charm.

Diving away from all pigeonhole thinking, the true artist Rosi Steinbach inspires with her ceramic busts and free objects commenting on the states of the world. In captivatingly precise physiognomies she mediates between classic and pop, daring a fascinating and irritating balancing act between tradition and modernity, pragmatically documenting and yet creatively fabricating.

Rosi Steinbach
Menckestraße 44
04155 Leipzig

Telefon: 0341 59 02 319

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© Portrait: Schnuppe von Gwinner
© Werkstatt Porträt “Sitzung Hans Werner Schmidt” und Portraitbüsten: Josef Filipp
© Object photos, snake: Georg Brückmann

Elke Sadas' career as an artist was preceded by twelve years as a research technician in Germany, Italy and the USA.

Apparently she owes the discipline of science a methodical approach to examining the variety of ceramic processes in order to justify her creative freedom, her fascination for the abstract.

Each work is full of painterly brushstrokes that create powerful, dynamic colour fields. Drops fall from the brush. Scratches run along rough surfaces. Lines formed by form and colour lead the eye up and down and around.

Elke Sada takes full advantage of the versatility of tone and colour to create statements in her objects that make them unique.

Studio Elke Sada
Uhlandstraße 24
04177 Leipzig


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© Portrait: Elke Sada
© Anigena (Hallstattpiece): Jakob Adolphi
© Cici, Melanitta,Torquis (Hallstattpieces): Jakob Adolphi
© In the studio: Elke Sada

“Between the tides" is what ceramic artist Claudia Biehne calls her sculptures on which abstract, artificial clusters and structures are formed.

The seduction of these visual magic works is enhanced by the tactile horror of transparent sharp edges. "Lumos", "Growth", "Vulcanoids" or "Time and Visibility" are the names of other groups of works which are based on her deep fascination with natural growth and becoming, which she expresses in her sensually generous use of her materials.

Thanks to the successful division of labour with her partner Stefan Passig, her multifaceted handicrafts reaches an international audience.

Claudia Biehne & Stefan Passig
Spinnereistraße 7
Baumwollspinnerei Halle 10
04179 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 260 85 30

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© Portrait, Objekte und Werkstatt: Stefan Passig