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As head master of the Leipzig musical instrument maker's craft, the experienced oboist Uwe Dönert, together with the clarinetist Damaris Kuban and his team, offers first-class instruments and a high standard of repair.

The new construction of clarinets and woodwind instruments is just as much a part of the expertise of their woodwind studio as the range of first-class student instruments and high-quality soloist models from renowned manufacturers.

Their experience is valued by professional musicians from all over the world who entrust them with their instruments for general inspections and repairs.

Holzblas-Atelier Uwe Döhnert
Sebastian-Bach-Straße 20
04109 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 14 99 451

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© Photos: Damaris Kuban

The master violin maker Jürgen Manthey builds stringed instruments – violins, violas and cellos – following classical models which he recreates by purely handcrafting them using high-quality woods and self made oil varnish.

The results are instruments that come very close to the originals both in sound and appearance.

His instruments, which have been awarded numerous prizes for sound and construction, enjoy an international reputation and are played by many professional musicians.

Jürgen Manthey Geigenbau
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 77
04109 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 22 47 763

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© Portrait: Schnuppe von Gwinner
© Photos: Jürgen Manthey

Travelling years as part of his training as a brass instrument maker took Matthias Vogt all over the world. Today he uses his knowledge and skills for his customers all over the world.

His passion for music allows him to maintain intensive contact with the music scene in Germany and Europe, which always offers him enough starting points for professional and personal development.

In his workshop, the focus is on the craft: repair, new construction and special conversions of brass instruments from trumpet to tuba.

passion in brass
Zschochersche Straße 28
04229 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 870 63 58

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© Photo 1 and 4: Nick Putzmann
© Photo 2: Franziska Werner
© Photo 3: Jirg Singer